Workshop Mindfulness

Allow us to demystify mindfulness by our common sense, hands-on approach to meditation.

mindfulness workshop utrecht amsterdam
  • 30 minutes or longer (generally around 60-75 minutes)
  • Experienced mindfulness teacher
  • Fully taught in English
  • Specifically tuned to your audience or theme
  • From € 295

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For all of the publicity around the topic, mindfulness meditation is still surrounded by an aura of mysticism. We’re here to tell you that in fact it’s the most down-to-earth, sensible thing you can do with your time.

Mindfulness can help lower stress levels, achieve greater productivity, and find more balance in your life. But most importantly, it can help you get to know your most important tool: your mind. By getting to know what it does from moment to moment, what it likes and dislikes, you can work with your mind to better achieve your goals. This amounts to hacking the mind, and can be the start of a journey of increasing freedom.

And sometimes it is simply a good idea to just let go of the current hustle.

For instance, with activities that add long-term value to the organisation. A good brainstorm about a potential assignment can be worth its weight in gold.

Or what about meetings where organisational strategy is being decided.

But how to create the optimal conditions for such creativity? Urgency keeps cropping up, limiting the freedom to think limitlessly.

mindfulness meditatie workshop utrecht amsterdam

Mindfulness meditation can be really helpful here. Taking an equanimous perspective towards the entirety of your current experience, you are able to create some distance between yourself and the urgency of current affairs, thus creating the necessary space for unlimited associative thinking that leads to optimal creative innovation.

A Mindfulness Workshop does not have to take long. By investing fifteen to thirty minutes, you are able to shed a lot of unnecessary “baggage,” allowing you and your people to think more clearly. All you need to do is sit down. Mindful Mornings take care of the rest.

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